greek yogurt benefits

Greek Yogurt Health Benefits

Greek Yogurt Health Benefits

I have recently during the last 6 months really going hard on the Greek yogurt. I am not Greek but I think if I eat enough of this stuff maybe I will become Greek. This yogurt has such a smooth and creamy taste, no matter what flavor you get. I personally just go with vanilla and plain, because it has less additive or sugars. Adding to your Greek yogurt, grape nuts or granola with frozen blueberries is an amazingly healthy snack. OMG!!

I want some right now as I write this but I am all out of Greek yogurt and granola.  Some of my favorite brands of Greek yogurt are; Oikos Greek yogurt, Dannon light Greek yogurt, Yoplait Greek yogurt, Chobani Greek yogurt, and my favorite which is mostly due to pricing is Kroger Lite Greek yogurt. The aspect of Greek yogurt health benefits, I learned after I became a fan of the yogurt.

  • Boost your protein levels

  • Loaded with probiotics

  • Extra vitamin b12

  • Low sodium

  • High potassium

  • Rich in amino acids

  • Very good workout recovery food

  • Helps with proper thyroid functions

  • Heavy in iodine which is left out of most people’s diets

  • Calcium Calcium Calcium