An auto accident can seriously impact one’s health even if the accident is minor. This is because when vehicles collide a powerful force can be exerted on the spine and neck of the accident victims. When this type of force is exerted on the spine and neck a condition known as whiplash usually results. Whiplash is caused by the sudden “snapping” of the neck and head.

When the head and neck are violently thrown forward and backward from the force of the collision the soft tissues and discs of the neck and spine can suffer injury. Because whiplash can cause symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, hearing loss, and back and neck pain, it is imperative that accident victim consult with an auto accident chiropractor.

In addition to whiplash, victims of automobile accidents often suffer injuries such as: fractures, sprains, strains, cervical radiculopathy, disc injury, dislocation, ligament injuries, thoracic spine injuries, lumbar radiculopathy, and lumbar spine injuries. All of these injuries can cause serious, unrelenting pain for the accident victim. Physicians may prescribe pain medication for these injuries, but the pain medication will only mask the symptoms. An auto accident chiropractor will be able to help individuals treat their injuries and move forward with the healing process.

No matter how unimportant your auto accident injury might seem at the time, it can cause you severe pain and interfere with your life. Northridge auto accident chiropractors can help you alleviate these pains and get back to your normal life.

When accident victims need the services of an auto accident chiropractor they should contact a chiropractic center. An auto accident chiropractor at Northridge family chiropractic can help individuals suffering from pain due to whiplash or other accident related injuries. A Northridge chiropractic doctor will assess the individual to determine the treatment modality that will be best suited to treat the individual’s injuries. Treatment modalities include techniques such as: chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, cold therapy, and physical therapy. All of these techniques are used to treat an individual’s pain and assist in the healing process. The treatment modalities utilized by an auto accident chiropractor will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the patient.

Victims of auto accidents often experience injuries that cause them persistent pain long after the accident. This can negatively affect the individual’s life in many areas including work, family, and recreation. Back painneck pain, headaches, and other painful symptoms can truly take the enjoyment out of life. However, accident victims do not have to continue suffering from injuries sustained in an auto accident. Through physical therapy in Northridge an auto accident chiropractor can help individuals manage and alleviate the pain associated with auto accident injuries. Northridge physical therapy can provide the treatment and care auto accident victims both need and deserve.

When you need the services of an auto accident chiropractor, please contact the talented and experienced chiropractors at the Northridge chiropractic center. A Northridge chiropractic doctor will meet with you to discuss your injuries and possible treatments to alleviate your pain. Your life should not be put on hold because of the pain you experience from past auto injuries. We can help you with your pain and get you back on the road to a fulfilling life.

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