Pain Free Life provides chiropractic therapy and chiropractic treatments for its patients at its Northridge, CA based chiropractic center. We focus on affordable and back to health chiropractic treatments from upper cervical to lower back and neck pains and more. Our chiropracter understand emergency chiropractic situations but also is knowledgeable with family and pediatric chiropractic therapy. Call our clinic today and schedule a consultation with our wellness team today.

Our Chiropractic Care

A natural, hands-on approach to the prevention, treatment and management of an individual’s pain, which is often referred to as spinal manipulation or adjustment. This method of treatment is a core clinical procedure in chiropractic. Our Chiropractic services can help individuals experiencing pain in their muscles, joints, bones, or connective tissues. By correcting the spine, it is possible to prevent and treat a number of illnesses. While spinal manipulation is the core of chiropractic, other forms of therapy are used as well, such as physical therapy, nutrition and acupuncture to assist our patients in obtaining total wellness.

Our practitioners at Tepelekian Chiropractic, Inc. are dedicated to providing patients with the finest quality of wellness care possible for their individual needs. The clinic uses modern equipment and technology along with traditional and contemporary methods to help all of our patients strive for and achieve optimum health.

Every day many individuals unnecessarily live with lower back and/or sciatic pain as well as chronic dizziness and/or vertigo. Some have pursued medical help, but have not found success, because every symptom needs specialized care and treatment and each person needs individualized care. These types of conditions are best treated with practitioners such as ours. We can help you prevent and overcome pain to once again lead an active life, and with breakthrough treatment for chronic dizziness and vertigo, we can help you regain independence and once again lead your desired lifestyle.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (818) 700-0478.