Techniques For Chiropractic Treatments

What does a chiropractor do? Well, whether you are a family chiropractic clinic, or auto accident chiropractor, it is important to understand all the types of chiropractic adjustment techniques, from the gonstead chiropractic technique to the new chiropractic techniques.

We at Pain Free Life in Northridge and the surrounding areas of the Los Angeles Valley understand the best chiropractic technique for every situation from neck, back, and stresses of daily life, so let our clinic be your therapy.

When patients think about the chiropractic techniques that are utilized by chiropractors they probably only think of chiropractic adjustments in a general sense. Patients may not realize that chiropractors have at their disposal hundreds of techniques or ways in which they can adjust the spine.

The type of chiropractic technique employed by the chiropractor often depends on the patient’s age, body type, and condition. At the Northridge chiropractic clinic a knowledgeable and professional doctor of chiropractic examines each patient to determine the chiropractic treatment technique that will best suit his or her needs.

The Northridge chiropractic clinic uses some of the following chiropractic techniques to help patients achieve greater overall health:

Applied kinesiology – this chiropractic technique deals with the bones as well as the muscles that hold them in place. When bones are misaligned, this can cause stress on the muscles. This technique helps to balance the opposing muscles attached to bones that are out of proper alignment. Massage and acupressure points may be utilized to help restore appropriate muscle function.

Motion palpitation – this chiropractic technique allows a doctor of chiropractic to feel joints as they are moved. This helps the doctor to determine fixations and properly treat the patient.

A Northridge chiropractic adjustment is a sudden, controlled thrust against a joint and is designed to achieve proper alignment. Chiropractic adjustments are not painful, but some discomfort may be felt a few hours after the procedure.

Adjustments are not the only chiropractic techniques that a doctor of chiropractic may use to help their patient with pain management at the Northridge chiropractic clinic. Northridge physical therapy is available for patients that need more extensive treatment and care. In addition, the Northridge chiropractic clinic also offers services such as: acupuncture, cold laser therapy, balance therapy, and internal medicine.

Whatever your chiropractic needs, the experienced and knowledge doctors of chiropractic at the Northridge chiropractic clinic and at Northridge physical therapy can be of invaluable assistance. They will determine a course of appropriate and beneficial chiropractic treatment based on the goals, desires, and overall health of each patient.

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