Our Los Angeles area cold laser therapy clinic has been performing cold laser therapy sessions for our patients for over a decade for people suffering from pain, arthritis in the back, neck pain, and even people wanting cold laser therapy for weight loss. Our Northridge and Glendale based cold laser therapy clinic employs the very best therapists who understand cold laser treatment from fractional laser therapy to low level laser therapy. If you want us to answer the question, what is cold laser therapy, just give us a call and schedule a consultation. We are you here to help take the pain away and our cold laser therapy reviews will speak for themself.

Cold laser therapy, often referred to as low level laser therapy, is a technique that utilizes low-intensity laser light to reduce pain and inflammation associated with soft tissue injuries. It can be used to help relieve chronic pain and assist in wound healing. This form of therapy may be suitable for patients experiencing conditions such as tendonitis, arthritis, pressure sores, sprains or strains, and skin infections. This form of therapy may be suitable for those experiencing either short-term or long-term pain. Patients opting for this form of therapy may experience significant pain relief and suffer no loss of function in the injured body part.

The impetus of cold laser therapy is certain wavelengths of light administered at certain intensities over or directly on the affected area of the body. This therapy can help reduce musculoskeletal pain and inflammation, and it can also promote tissue repair and regeneration. Cold laser therapy is a natural treatment modality offered by the chiropractic professionals at the Northridge chiropractic center.

Cold laser therapy has other applications besides the treatment or management of pain. Cold laser therapy may also be used to help individuals quit smoking. This therapy helps to relax the smoker and release endorphins. Endorphins occur naturally in the body and are used by the body to assist in pain relief. These naturally-occurring chemicals can simulate the effects of nicotine in the brain. This may help to relieve the smoker of his or her nicotine addiction. A doctor of chiropractic in Northridge can help smokers interested in this form of therapy determine if this treatment modality will be right for them.

Everyone should be able to alleviate their pain in a method that serves them best. In Our Northridge and Glendale physical therapy center at Tepelekian Chiropractic Inc., we offer several chiropractic and pain management methods, one of which will definitely be effective in reducing your pain.

Rehabilitation services are also available through Northridge physical therapy. Cold laser therapy may also be useful during rehabilitation. It may be able to help reduce swelling and inflammation and decrease the patient’s healing time. This form of therapy may assist in building up the body’s natural defenses and work to repair the area of the body in which the injury occurred. Not only may this treatment modality facilitate healing, but it may also promote stronger tissue structures.

Cold laser therapy is just one of the many natural treatments utilized by the family chiropractic of Northridge. Individuals that are suffering from conditions such as migraine headaches, lower back pain, high blood pressure, or any other number of illnesses could benefit from the treatments offered at Northridge. An experienced professional at Northridge will meet with each patient to conduct an evaluation. Based on the patient’s need, a treatment strategy will be formulated. If cold laser therapy is deemed to be the best method of treatment for the patient, a doctor will explain how cold laser therapy will treat or alleviate the patient’s symptoms.

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